Granite Group Advisors -

We are Granite Group Advisors, a new breed of consulting firm with a defined and proven process to protect and grow our clients' wealth.

I have known one of these guys for over 40 years now and can attest that this is what he was born to do, that is make and keep money. One would find no more loyal firm to work with than this. Their modesty belies their keen market savvy. I hesitate to use the word intuition because everything they do has a sound rationale.

Private Client

I have been a client of Granite Group Advisors for many years and plan to be for many more. Their intuition in several markets have led to a far better return than I have with other establishments. They have been overly modest about their performance within my accounts.

Private Client

We initially hired Granite Group Advisors because they incorporated their private wealth management strategy into our 401k. What we then discovered is that their operational process, service and commitment are unmatched!

Chairman of Large Reinsurance Company

We believe that our decision to hire Granite as the investment advisor to our 401K and Profit Sharing Plan has resulted in the powerful combination of less risk, higher returns and attentive plan participant customer service.

CFO of Large Private Equity Firm

These guys are the antithesis of Wall Street, they fully disclose everything and have a sound investment process in place that has consistently outperformed the markets with much lower volatility.

Private Client

It's the independent nature of Granite that gives us the most confidence. Because they do not have any proprietary funds, they can remain entirely agnostic about the funds they recommend.

CFO of a well respected Brokerage Firm

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